Is Surgery Needed to Cure Gout?




The question  “is surgery needed to cure gout?” are in most forums these days. In fact, people suffering from painful gout attacks constantly look for ways to end the excruciating pain as quickly as possible. But, surgery to cure to gout is quite unusual. It is only when formation of tophi strikes and surgery for gout cure become necessary. Hence, there are very rare cases where doctors had to turn to surgery for gout treatment.

Gout is diagnosed as one of the painful forms of arthritis. Gout occurs when uric acid builds up in blood stream. The uric acid crystals start to build up in the tissues and joints of the body. Those crystals start tiring away at the cartilage in joints, thereby causing the painful arthritis pain.

It has been discovered that in most persistent cases of gout, the uric acid crystals can form the tophi. The formation of tophi is common in the some parts of the body like forearms, hands, knees, elbows, feet and the curved ridge of outer ear. Many a times, these tophi can prove to be harmless. It can even shrink with the use of prescribed medicines. It’s not generally too painful. But, it becomes a constant bother for a patient.

Surgery for Gout Cure

When the tophi form, there can be certain circumstances when surgery for gout must be considered. Most surgery is often used to remove chalklike, gritty, nodules called the tophi. Often a single one is called tophus, which forms in the joints of the person as a result of gout. These nodules are uncomfortable and even ugly. And in very rare instances, it can cause some dangerous infections.

When the tophi needs to be removed

As said, there are rare times when surgery for gout can be the only alternative left behind. And that is to get the tophi removed. The surgery depends on how big the tophi may be and how they are affecting the joints. Similarly, the surgery for gout so as to remove the tophi can be difficult or complex. Generally, this relates to making the incision just above the tophus, dissect and then remove it.

Reasons why surgery for gout cure is a must

1. There can be conditions when the tophi can be found to interfere with medical action of joint. This can in turn stop you using your elbow or toe or knee.

2. The second reason can be the appearance of the tophi. It becomes so unsightly that patients elect to go for a surgery to get that removed. Therefore, cosmetic reasons might make a patient select surgery for gout cure as the last option.

3. In most rare cases, the larger tophi may become infected and need the surgical removal.

It just depends on how big they can be and how they are affecting the joints. The tophi can make people uncomfortable and look awkward. If the tophi formation is found in the elbow of the patient, then he or she will experience a bump in the elbow when trying to rest the arm on a chair or table. This can really interfere with how your elbow bends.

Due to the damage caused by uric acid crystals, joint replacement surgery for gout cure can be needed. It’s due to the erosion that the little crystals can even tear down the cartilage to that point that a joint replacement becomes the last option to look for. However, that’s quite unusual.

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